Do you think you’re “different”? Guess what… we’re all different. The world would be a sad place if we were all the same. Foods, entertainment, attractions and lifestyles, diversity is what makes the world a beautiful place. Sometimes we just need a little help seeing how we fit in.

Two Woman Talking

Labels… People are often far too quick to want to label one another. What are you? Are you prepared with an answer to that question? When searching the web, it is all very, very confusing. On one website they said there were 53 different labels describing various persons within this broad community. Christine has been deeply involved in the community for many years. This is not something new. You don’t want to have to teach your therapist how to treat you. Christine will never label you. She will merely help you define yourself if desired.

If you are transgender, you will want to know that your therapist is a member of and truly believes in the WPATH Standards of Care. These are the standards required if you plan to use your insurance to help with the surgical issues of your transition. Christine has helped many people transition. MTF or FTM, all are welcome here…